ECOCLIP® ... the world's first user-friendly plastic-bag closure ...unbreakable, reusable, freezer-proof, will not slide off bag in transit

Business Activity

West-Lock Fasteners was incorporated for the purpose of developing, marketing and manufacturing a plastic tab, called Ecoclip, to replace existing products which are used to close flexible plastic bags. The company's founder, Lou Koppe, former professor in design, machine-tool engineering, metallurgy, and materials-science, has been successful in producing and selling a folding tab which is manufactured from cheap and readily available, 100% recycled beverage bottle flake material (polyethylene terephthalate - P.E.T.).

The tab can be configured in many sizes for multiple uses. This revolutionary, reusable, unbreakable, and living-hinged bag closure is patented in Canada, the United States, England, Germany, and Japan. The packaging market has labeled the "Ecoclip" as the first and only user-friendly and "ecologically correct" plastic-bag closure in a "clip-style" format.