DimClip1West-Lock Fasteners' product "Ecoclip" is used mainly for closing plastic-bags used for produce, bulk-foods, freezer applications, and bakery items sold in retail stores. These closures differ from existing products in that they are made from the stronger recycled plastic found in soft drink bottles (P.E.T.), which is considerably cheaper, tougher, and stiffer than brittle polystyrene, used to produce competitors' tabs. Application is ten times faster than twist-ties.

Ecoclip is manufactured with a crease, enabling it to fold and thus facilitating very easy removal without tearing the plastic bag. Application is extremely fast and requires exceptionally low force. The tab can be flexed over 1000 times without breaking at room or freezer temperatures. The tab locks the plastic bag very securely.

Ecoclip is also manufactured with a patented extrusion-laminated paper surface which enables the recording of information, such as bar codes, and allows the consumer to record bin numbers and other information (e.g. relating to bulk food purchases, identification tags, etc.) The glue-less lamination is available in a variety of paper colors, eliminating pigmenting the plastic and the need to purge extrusion equipment.

Ecoclip is manufactured individually and in links to accommodate the feed-lines of high-speed bag-closing machines. The toughness of the linked closures is an asset as they do not break or jam in the dispensing machines, despite being readily separable by shearing.

West-Lock Fastener Corp. is now geared to support the world ecology and environmental "Green Recycling Movement".